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We started working with DOD Outdoors in November 2022 to help them identify new influencers and make their affiliate program successful. During our collaboration, we generated a curated list of over 1,000 influencers spanning all channels for them, established sponsorship collaborations, and onboarded new affiliates.

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Time with us

6 months


Design, set up, and launch the affiliate program. Define offer terms and onboard influencers.


Design the affiliate terms and conditions, set up the program, and onboard influencers.


We designed an effective affiliate program, curated a list of 1000 influencers, and launched the first 15 affiliate and sponsorship collaborations for them. We helped to spread DOD’s message of high-end camping in the US and Europe, and built efficient processes to hand over to their internal team.


High-end affiliate program in place. Increased brand presence across camping communities.

Examples of who we worked with

– Hiking with Sun, 156k followers (IG)
– Krokem Outdoors, 100k+ subscribers (YouTube + IG)
– Indie House Films, 36k followers (IG)
– Local Adventurer, 470k organic monthly visits (blog)