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We ran the Xolo partner program for 1.5 years following its launch in 2020. Our work involved creating, launching, growing, and managing the in-house affiliate program on FirstPromoter. We also developed it by automating the onboarding process, sequences, and signup system, and creating support materials, visuals, and content.

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Time with us

1.5 year


Design and optimize the affiliate program, using FirstPromoter to automate all operations.


Design a win-win strategy for Xolo and affiliates, with fixed/flex fees to minimize the risk for the brand.


Built a network of 146 active affiliates during the first year, contributing to UGC and backlink placement.


User-generated content, SEO boost, affiliate onboarding automation.

Examples of who we worked with

– Remote OK, 1M+ organic monthly visits (website)

– TripZilla, 450k organic monthly traffic (website)

– I Am Expat, 50k organic monthly traffic (website)