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After hearing how we had helped Click & Grow scale their brand presence, Tactical Foodpack decided to start an affiliate program, with the primary objective to feature the brand across relevant communities in Europe and generate sales revenue through affiliates.

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Time with us

Since October 2022


Help to design offers, terms, and conditions. Onboard top affiliates to increase brand awareness.


Achieve monthly revenue targets: $2k in low season, $4k in peak season.


Increased brand placement and awareness across relevant communities (camping, sailing, hiking) in Europe. Generated 9,848 EUR in sales in under a year.


Quality user-generated content. Affiliate network expansion to relevant markets and niches, such as hiking, outdoors, adventure travel, etc. Plus, design of a monthly newsletter to support key products in the portfolio.

Examples of who we worked with

Well-aligned social media influencers across different countries, languages, and niches, including LeonTV (178k YouTube subscribers – Germany), Taival Outdoors (11.8k YouTube subscribers – Finland), @loreena.unterwegs (45.1k IG followers – Germany), @violca_cycling (25.4k IG followers – Poland), @kilian_moni (19.5k followers – France) and many more.